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Act local🇪🇺

  • 🎁 De Warmste Boom Europa

The forests in Europe are having a tough time dealing with pests like fungi and insects, along with challenges like droughts and storms. Because of the warming climate, these issues are happening more often and more seriously, causing thousands of hectares of forest to suffer.

In our European projects, our main goal is to bring life back to these important ecosystems through reforestation and restoration, making a positive impact that lasts a long time. We carefully pick the right kinds of trees and plant them where they can do the most good.
We are committed to making sure the forests across the continent are not just surviving but thriving in terms of biodiversity, CO2 capture, wildlife habitat, landscape, and more!

For Green Friday, we will start planting in Belgium and continue in countries throughout Europe, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom…

Act global🌍

  • 🎁 De Warmste Boom Madagaskar

The once lush green island of Madagascar is turning into a red desert and facing a severe food crisis seen as the world’s first ‘climate change famine’. The fourth-largest island on the planet and one of its most diverse ecosystems, Madagascar, has thousands of endemic species of plants and animals such as lemures.

Four years of extreme drought, linked by the UN to climate change, along with deforestation caused by burning or cutting down trees to make charcoal and farming, have transformed the area into a dust bowl.
We urgently need to plant trees, together with the local people, to create jobs, to create food, and to restore its important ecosystems. One of its damaged ecosystems is the marine ecosystem consisting of mangroves. Mangroves protect shorelines from erosion and serve as valuable nursery areas for fish and invertebrates. Mangroves support threatened and endangered species and are effective carbon sinks.
We’ve seen the big difference in food production (mainly shellfish) since we started to restore mangroves together with the social organization Bôndy.

And what’s more beautiful than restoring nature, while helping people in poverty?!
Let’s act as one big family on this one planet, and support our brothers and sisters in the South.

Wishing you a Tree-Mendous end-of-year Holiday season!

This festive season, let’s add a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations! Instead of just adorning your living room with a  Christmas tree, how about planting one too? 🎅🌱

🌎🌲 Spread Joy Across Continents:
Plant a tree in Europe to support our reforestation efforts and contribute to the restoration of forests affected by disease and infection. Your contribution to the Global South goes beyond greenery— creating a lasting (and growing!) impact for communities in need. Imagine the joy of knowing your tree is making a difference on a global scale! 🌏❤️

🎁🌲 Or Gift a Tree & Spread the Love.
You don’t have to plant for yourself, you can also give a tree. A unique and impactful present lasts far beyond the holiday season. After your purchase, we send you a gift card template, which you can personalise to gift your Warmste Boom to a loved one.

🌟🎄 No-Fuss, Just Festive Impact:
This is a one-time purchase with no extra fees or subscriptions—just pure, positive impact! Not ready to invest in trees? Share your thoughts with us through our survey; your feedback helps us grow and improve.

💌🌎 Follow Your Impact:
Expect a festive confirmation email within 48 hours, guiding you on where to track your impact. Thank you for joining this heartwarming journey! Let’s make this Christmas a little greener! 🌲✨

Where can I follow-up on my trees?

Fun tree fact #1
Did you know that the Amazon, where we often plant, produces 20% of the world's oxygen and is often called "The Lungs of the Earth"?
Fun tree fact #2
The biggest tree on earth, volume-wise, is a giant sequoia named General Sherman. The tree is more than 84 meters high and has a trunk of 11 meters in diameter
Fun tree fact #3
Did you know that trees communicate with each other via an underground network of fungi called "Mycorrhiza". The fungi help trees exchange nutrients and information.
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