Reforestation in Romania's mountains

Romania contains some of the largest tracts of old-growth forest left in Europe. They are home to wolves, bears, lynx and over a third of European plant species. However, uncontrolled logging has decimated this landscape. With our partner Forests Without Frontiers, we are dedicated to rewilding, protecting forests, and planting trees and reforesting degraded land that has been clear-cut – where natural reforestation would not occur.

Reforestation & Wildlife


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We plant trees and reforest degraded land that has been clear-cut, where natural reforestation would not occur.

Ecologists call the decimation of Romania’s forests the biggest crisis of nature protection in Europe today, yet there is little awareness that “Europe’s Amazon” is becoming increasingly fractured. We have the opportunity to make a real difference by planting huge numbers of trees.

Carbon sequestration through responsible, sustainable tree planting is a key component in addressing the climate crisis and protecting our planet, especially when done in tandem with rebuilding wildlife corridors and protecting biodiversity havens, for example by providing landowners with a financial alternative to logging.

Together with Forests Without Frontiers, the mission is to preserve our forests and the people and wildlife they nurture, and to promote connection with nature through music, art and culture.

Furthermore, the project is committed to protecting local cultural traditions and supporting local communities and education. Additionally, initiatives such as making the plantations available as a resource to visit and learn from help educate the younger generation and promote the importance of protecting virgin forests and reforestation.

  • 8 native tree species are planted
  • 200 hectares available
  • local tree nurseries
  • local workforce

Reforestation in the mountains

Our reforestation programme in Romania is on degraded land, where forests have been cut down and would not regenerate without human intervention. We use mixed native species for large-scale plantations and follow rewilding concepts, ensuring forests are as close to their original composition as possible, extending existing natural forests and enhancing precious ecosystems.


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Care for communities​

At Go Forest, we don’t just plant trees. We engage in much more, such as ensuring sustainable support for local communities. We do so by using the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which serve as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. Depending on the region and the project, you’ll be supporting different SDGs. Our project in Romania focuses on the following SDGs: 

SDG13 Climate Action
SDG15 Life on Land

Let's plan(t) the future together.

Forests are an important player in the fight against global warming. A large portion of all the CO2 in the atmosphere is absorbed by the forests and stored in the form of organic carbon in the wood and soil. 

Unfortunately, deforestation and land use change also contribute 17% to the greenhouse effect. One of the most important and simplest ways to counteract global warming is to create greater biodiversity by planting forests. This is exactly what we at Go Forest, in partnership with various companies, are doing. 



different tree species



different tree species



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Our projects

We don’t only plant your trees, we take care of them as well. 

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Romania contains some of the largest tracts of old-growth forest left in Europe, home to wolves, bears, lynx and over a third of European plant species, but uncontrolled logging has decimated the landscape.
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