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Our values

We don’t only want to inspire your actions today, but what you will do in the years to come.

Green leaders for a greener tomorrow

We need leaders for a greener world. From (business) leaders or associations to individuals who want to act more sustainably. Go Forest wants to be the most accessible step to inspire and facilitate behavioral change and give something back to our precious planet.

How? By planting the right combination of tree species in the areas with the biggest impact on the climate and on the environment.


We like to work with like-minded companies, who are in it for the long haul.
Let’s make a real, lasting impact together!


With our blockchain technology, satellite platform and communication support, you can follow your tree’s journey every step of the way. 


We can help you communicate about your contribution to our planet and position you as the authentic green leader that you are.

For a green future!

Go Forest has joined forces with South Pole. Because behind every great change is a great team. Let’s make a new future together!

For businesses

Discover how your company can take part. Become a leader for a greener world.

For individuals

Every individual is able to help the world towards a greener tomorrow.

Let's plan(t)
the future together.

We urgently need to reduce our impact on climate change. On one hand, by adapting our structures and our behavior and on the other hand, by giving back to our planet through plantation actions in impactful places, preventing deforestation, and restoring the soil by means of regenerative agriculture.

Start planting

Motivated to take your company to the next green level? We will gladly explain more about our vision and possibilities! Contact us and be our leader