A paperless future!

Going paperless is an important goal for many companies. Paper reduction saves money, is good for the environment and speeds up business processes thanks to digitization.

Organizations are often not completely paperless from one day to the next and can develop a phase model to achieve important objectives. Not only can they report on the paper savings achieved, but the number of sheets of paper saved each year can be replanted in the form of new trees. An excellent way to motivate employees to participate in a sustainable printing policy.

Huge time savings, secure data management and space savings are a great motivation to start digitizing and in this way, waste is prevented.

Companies like Belfinity are reinventing the workplace and are helping companies in this transition thanks to interesting Service Packs.

By the way, did you know that Wolters Kluwer is conducting a study together with us into paper consumption among accounting firms? The results will be announced during the ‘Accountant’s Week’ in October. If you are an accountant/tax advisor yourself, you can take part in the survey here (Dutch or French).

Together for less paper consumption and more trees on our planet.

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