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Let's grow a bigger Randstad NL forest!

Calling all Randstad Group NL green heroes!

Inspired by Randstad’s goal of reaching a net zero footprint by 2050, we – your Randstad NL net zero ambassadors – created the net zero community to regularly involve you. We are very happy to invite you to take part in a new green initiative to contribute to Randstad’s sustainability progress and to a better world.

In 2023, your generosity and care for the environment made it possible for Randstad Group NL to contribute to the development of a beautiful forest in Markelo, by sponsoring the planting of 522 trees and even having a group of colleagues join the planting day on November 28th 2023 (see picture and link to dashboard below).

Building on this heartwarming success, we engage you once more to make the planet greener and contribute to a future with more trees. This year, we are aiming at growing our own Randstad forest (a minimum of 1,500 trees) to be planted as close as possible to Diemen, growing the Randstad green legacy.

Trees will once again be planted and maintained by our partner at Go Forest, and once again permitted by your generosity and willingness to help our planet become healthier for generations to come.

On this page you can donate until September 15th 2024 for planting one tree or a whole family of trees. You will also be invited to a half-day on the field with Go Forest, to plant those Randstad trees together and learn about the forest. This should take place in November 2024, for which you can use your Randstad With Heart hours. And please do not hesitate to spread the word to our Randstad Group NL colleagues!

Thank you so much,
on behalf of your net zero community and our planet.

Why trees you may ask? 🌳 Because they contribute to a better climate (there is no time to waste to do that, and trees store carbon and help cool the environment #fightclimatechange), more biodiversity (forests are the habitat of countless species of plants and animals), and healthy living conditions for everyone (trees provide oxygen, food, water, medication (guess where aspirin was born?) and jobs).

Progress toward our own Randstad forest (min. 1,500 trees)

Note: the counter is updated twice a week.

Last year we planted 522 trees together!

Fun tree fact #1
Did you know that the Amazon, where we often plant, produces 20% of the world's oxygen and is often called "The Lungs of the Earth"?
Fun tree fact #2
The biggest tree on earth, volume-wise, is a giant sequoia named General Sherman. The tree is more than 84 meters high and has a trunk of 11 meters in diameter
Fun tree fact #3
Did you know that trees communicate with each other via an underground network of fungi called "Mycorrhiza". The fungi help trees exchange nutrients and information.
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