We urgently need to reduce our impact on climate change. On one hand, by adapting our structures and our behavior and on the other hand, by giving back to our planet through plantation actions in impactful places, preventing deforestation, and restoring the soil by means of regenerative agriculture.

For businesses

As a company you can choose between the different projects and locations. You can also choose to support more than one project and to do a combination. You can find more info on the projects on our website, or we would be delighted to send you our brochure if you prefer.

All our projects are on a map-based (satellite) platform, where you can see the growth of the forests and where we can measure progress. Satellite imagery doesn’t lie. The organizations we work with are also on the platform and are able to change and add things, making it a transparent control mechanism. 

For some of our projects it’s possible to see pictures of every single tree with a unique ID, registered in the blockchain. It’s a nice way to assign trees to customers or employees, but this feature comes with an added cost.

All of our projects are thoroughly screened and are followed up on a regular basis with the help of our colleagues from South Pole, who are active in every country.

All our projects are on a map-based (satellite) platform, where you can see the growth of the forests and where we can measure progress. 

You are able to access the platform via this link:  https://explorer.land/p/organization/goforest/

First of all, it is important to reduce your footprint as much as possible by changing things within your organization. Our partner CO2logic can measure your current carbon footprint and identify the most urgent and beneficial carbon reduction opportunities. The currently incompressible CO2 emissions will be offset by supporting certified climate projects.

We can help you with planting trees to make an impact, but to achieve the CO2 neutral label, you’ll have to buy carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are tradable “rights” or certificates linked to activities that lower the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Some common examples of projects include reforestation, building renewable energy, carbon-storing agricultural practices, and waste and landfill management.

Next to removing carbon from the atmosphere, it is also important to contribute to a greener world by planting trees because of the many extra environmental benefits, which are way more difficult to measure and to verify. The value of forests for biodiversity, social impact and the stability of the global climate is well documented.

That’s why we also believe in planting trees with impact, linked to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) your company wants to work on.

Protecting and restoring our forests by planting trees is essential.

All plants and trees have the ability to absorb CO2, but some absorb more than others, so it really depends on the height, the tree species, the amount of foliage and a bunch of other variables. A tree absorbs anywhere between 10 and 40kg of CO2 per year on average (approx. 25 kg per year), but we have more specific sequestration data linked to specific projects and the age of the tree.

Trees absorb more carbon as they mature. Young trees absorb far less CO2 than mature trees. It can take decades for them to absorb large quantities of CO2. Slower-growing species can also store the most carbon, thanks to their longer lifespans. For this reason, it is better to leave existing trees standing than to cut them down and plant new trees.

It’s important to be very authentic and transparent in the communication about the action your company is taking. It’s not about being perfect, but about being a trusted player in the market. It’s a climate journey. Like forests, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We help you with the right message and other great tools such as a digital brand book with content, templates and imagery.

The satellite images displayed on the Go Forest website and explorer land get updated every six months on average. This is the case because we aim to provide high resolution images. If you want more recent images we can provide them, but in lower resolution.

For individuals

Yes, go to “get involved”, choose “individuals”, scroll down and enter the mount of trees you want to plant (min. 5). Enter your information, pay, and you’re done!

As an individual, we start planting from 5 trees per person. Above 5 trees, you can choose whatever number you want to plant. For example: 32 trees because your best friend is turning 32 and you’re planting them as a gift for their birthday.

As an individual, it is not possible to choose where your trees will be planted.  We divide the orders equally among reforestation projects in locations such as Peru, Congo and Armenia so that projects in need have the chance to grow thanks to your contribution.  As a company, it is possible to choose between the different projects and planting sites. It’s important that you choose a project that fits your company’s DNA.

You will receive regular updates via email about our projects and progress. 

Yes, the certificate will be personalized for them if you leave us their name when checking out. 

Become a leader for a greener world!