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We have wonderful clients. It is inspiring to see how businesses get creative with tree planting.

Ghent 10 miles sets climate action in motion

This year Go Forest and Ghent 10 miles have set up the 'Negenduust voor negenduust' campaign with the aim of planting at least 9000 trees in Belgium and Madagascar.

Bouw-iD translates square meters into trees

Bouw-iD wants to be ahead of the regulations against more building area (in Dutch: de bouwstop) and decides to plant trees for every square meter of habitable space they create with their projects.

La Lorraine keeps its employees healthy while planting trees

La Lorraine decided to seriously lower its impact on the environment. By motivating its employees to exercise more, they plant trees, and thus create a win-win for both people and planet.

At Recor Bedding, one mattress sold equals one tree planted

After planting 200 trees in Gomery, Recor Bedding takes their tree-planting journey one step further.

What is a sustainable wedding? The perfect question for Lobke & Hendrik

For many people, getting married is one of the most important days of their entire lives. So it deserves to be seriously celebrated. But how can you minimize the negative impact that comes along?

Mark is a man with a mission

Discover how Mark is going to walk 100,000 km, pick up 100,000 bags of litter & plant 100,000 trees for mental well-being.

Energie.be activates their clients to plant trees

As a Belgian energy provider, Energie.be is completely aware of the damage natural gas does, that's why they offer their clients the option to plant trees in line with their impact.

Springbok “walks the talk”

The "Springbokkers", as they call themselves, decided unanimously and decisively at their strategy days in June that they want to be a sustainable company. "We love the people, and the planet!". That is why they want to help move the 17 SDGs forward as a company.

ZEB also sells trees now

ZEB and Go Forest join forces and plant mangrove trees in Madagascar with the support of the customers.

Finixa plants trees in Belgium and Madagascar

Finixa will plant a total of 2500 trees. 500 will be planted in Belgium and the other 2000 in Madagascar. By planting in these two countries, Finixa will impact 10 of the 17 SDGs.

How Hotel Van der Valk integrates tree planting into their daily operations

Van der Valk Ghent is a loyal Go Forest partner. In this video Severine, Front Office Manager, tells us why and how a hotel can plant trees.

How a bike shop integrates tree-planting in their story

Fietsen De Geus is a loyal Go Forest partner. In this video, the Commercial Manager Pieter, tells us why and how a bike shop engages in tree-planting.

Our values

Planting the right combination of tree species in the areas with a big impact on the climate and on the environment, supporting many SDGs. That’s what matters to us! As a partner organization of South Pole we want to inspire and motivate individuals and companies to act in a future-oriented way.

More about us

At Go Forest we don’t solely focus on reforestation and biodiversity. We aim to bring about behavioral changes to tackle the root causes of soil and deforestation problems. We offer to be an extension of your communication services to inspire employees, clients and stakeholders. We guide you through every step, from seed to tree.