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From 9 to 16 October, the Week of the Forest will take place: the perfect moment for ZEB and Go Forest to announce their collaboration. The multi-brand fashion store and the tree company are joining forces to plant mangrove trees in Madagascar. ZEB customers can contribute from 1 euro and thus create a greener world together.

Sustainable consumption

Our ecological footprint is far too large. ZEB is well aware that the fashion industry has an important share in this. The Belgian retail chain has, therefore, already taken many measures: from standard digital cash register tickets to reusable bags, but also a thorough selection of partner brands and its own local productions with conscious materials.

A tree in your shopping cart

Today ZEB goes one step further. In addition to skirts, dresses, pants, and T-shirts, you can now buy trees in all 74 stores and in the webshop of the multi-brand fashion store. Every ZEB customer can contribute to the planet at the checkout by adding 1 euro to the till receipt. For every 2 euros that ZEB receives, Go Forest will plant a tree in the mangrove area in Madagascar.

“We all have to start from the vision “Buy something, give something back”. At ZEB, consumers now have the opportunity to give back to the planet with their purchases and I think that’s fantastic!” – Sarah Parent (co-founder & Chief Ecological Officer at Go Forest)

A choice with impact

Go Forest chooses to plant trees where they have the greatest impact, both ecologically and socially. Madagascar was chosen for the collaboration with ZEB: the island is the fifth poorest country in the world and has had a hard time in recent decades. Today, more than 77% of the Malagasy population lives below the poverty line. As many as 87% have no or limited access to electricity and only 30% of Malagasy have access to drinking water. In 2021, the UN declared the famine in Madagascar the first famine entirely attributable to climate change.

Save the primeval forest

In Madagascar barely 10% of the primeval forest is still intact, with all the consequences that entail for the climate and biodiversity, but also for the people who live there. Replanting the mangrove area in Majunga directly counteracts climate change. Mangroves, which are disappearing at an alarming rate due to deforestation, are an important part of the ecosystem. At the same time, ZEB supports the local communities because this project creates a lot of jobs. The jobs give a village of climate migrants a more sustainable source of income.

Every contribution from 1 euro helps to reduce the impact on the climate and to create sustainable jobs. In this way, ZEB and Go Forest hope to create the greatest possible ecological and social impact, together with the customers. ZEB aims for at least 5000 planted trees per year. Anyone can follow the progress of the ZEB mangrove forest via the website.

Click here for more information about the collaboration and explore the mangrove trees on the ZEB area page

About ZEB

Sustainability has always been high on the agenda at ZEB. In order to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible, the Belgian multi-brand fashion store has launched several sustainable initiatives over the years. Today, ZEB wants to lead the way and initiate positive change on a large scale. If everyone does their part, we can take giant steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. By joining forces with brands, suppliers and consumers, a relatively small group like ZEB can mobilize more than 2 million people.