About us

Go Forest aims to accelerate natural restoration of forests wants to inspire and motivate both individuals and companies to not only think, but act in a future-oriented way.

Go Forest is a young company, established in 2020 with Sarah Parent and Antoine Geerinckx as the driving forces behind the tree-planting, planet-saving mission. Go Forest works with structural partners who have been working on reforestation for about 15 years.

Just like our trees, our team is also growing. One by one, great people with a strong vision, endless enthusiasm and the motivation to take Go Forest to the next green level.

People with a strong vision, and endless enthusiasm.

Our mission

At Go Forest, our mission is to plant trees with long-term impact and inspire sustainable action.

Through our efforts, we aim to accelerate nature restoration, ensuring that the right trees grow in the right places, and are maintained in a transparent way. We restore ecosystems worldwide with a holistic approach, including focus on biodiversity, climate resilience and the empowerment of local communities through our approach.

Furthermore, we aim to inspire businesses and individuals to invest in nature restoration and support them towards more sustainable action in an accessible way.


Over the past 50 years we have lost 67% of all biodiversity


15% of greenhouse gas emissions are directly attributable to global deforestation

27 pitches

Every minute 27 football pitches of forest disappear.

Our values

We need leaders for a greener world. From (business) leaders or associations to individuals who want to act more sustainably. Go Forest wants to be the most accessible step to inspire and facilitate behavioral change and give something back to our precious planet.


In everything we do, we aim to provide more transparency. Through technology and innovation, such as our blockchain timestamps and impact dashboards, you can follow your tree’s journey and the growth of your impact for the long-term.


We cannot achieve our mission alone and believe cooperation is the key for a more sustainable future. With our partners we share a vision for a greener future and we’re in it with a long-term focus.


Through providing a vision for a greener future, positive messaging and innovative approaches, we aim to inspire for positive change to restore our environment and combat climate change.

Long-term focus

We focus on creating long-term impact and work with a holistic approach to nature restoration and collaboration.

Accessibility & inclusion

Creating a green impact should be accessible for everyone. Tree planting could be the first step in your climate journey, or one of the many steps you are taking, for any budget. Through our projects and in our team, we aim to create a more equal, equitable and inclusive future.

Sarah_Go Forest

Sarah Parent

Co-founder & Chief Ecological Officer

Antoine_Go Forest

Antoine Geerinckx


Charlotte Van Lent

Chief Financial Officer

Marte Greefs

Operations Manager

Jacob Butt

Digital lead

Febe Thomas

Project Manager

Our partners

Go Forest partners with companies who are eager to create a more sustainable world. 

The Go Family is an impact-driven group of companies who, each in their own way, tackle the biggest challenge of today: climate change.

Let's plan(t) the future!