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Every year, the world loses around 12 million hectares of forest - an area 3.9 times the size of Belgium

Forests are vital to the health of our planet and its people. They absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, prevent soil erosion, provide habitat for wildlife, and support the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people.

Our planet needs more trees, and your company can be part of the solution. Just like a lot of different trees make up a forest, a lot of single actions can make a huge impact.

Join us in building a better, greener tomorrow!

We plant the right trees in the right environments for the greatest, long-term impact

We don’t plant trees for the sake of planting trees. With every project, our aim is to create profound and lasting environmental and social impact. 

Whether you support an agroforestry, reforestation or mangrove project, your trees are nurtured and monitored long after they’re planted. And you’ll get regular project updates to keep you informed.


Planting diverse (mainly food) forests to provide local communities with economic and environmental benefits, linked with educational programs.

Choose projects in:
Argentina, DR Congo, Madagascar, Peru


Planting native tree species in areas where forests have been depleted or destroyed, with the aim of creating protected and climate-resilient forests.

Choose projects in:
Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, DR Congo, the Netherlands, Peru, Tanzania, United Kingdom, rest of EU.


Planting mangroves that act as powerful carbon sinks, foster biodiversity, and bring economic and environmental benefits to local communities.

Choose project in:

Because of the broad environmental and social impact of our projects, we touch on almost all the SDGs (across all projects). In any Go Forest project SDG13, SDG15, and SDG 17 are always supported, other SDGs are added specific to the impact each project generates.

Transparency that builds trust

Our digital tools let you track your trees, monitor your impact, and communicate with clarity.

People don’t want to hear elaborate, inspirational words about your company’s sustainability initiatives – they want transparent, consistent messaging and trustworthy data. 

Thanks to our digital tools, you have everything you need to share your commitment and actions in a 100% authentic way – and hopefully inspire others to follow your lead!

Planting trees with Go Forest is as easy as 1, 2, 3

No credit card needed


Decide how many trees you want to plant and how often


Choose which project you want to support


Order your trees!

Once we process your order, we add your trees to your Impact Dashboard and keep you up to date!

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Words from our members

Van der Valk Hotel Gent

Van der Valk Ghent is a loyal Go Forest partner. In this video Severine, Front Office Manager, tells us why and how a hotel can plant trees. Interested in their story?

La Lorraine keeps its employees healthy while planting trees

La Lorraine decided to seriously lower its impact on the environment. By motivating its employees to exercise more, they plant trees, and thus create a win-win for both people and planet.

Bouw-iD translates square meters into trees

Bouw-iD wants to be ahead of the regulations against more building area (in Dutch: de bouwstop) and decides to plant trees for every square meter of habitable space they create with their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering…

  • First, you order your trees! You can fill in our form, specifying your preferred number of trees one-off, every month, every quarter or every year, related to your tree planting initiative. Of course, you can also choose to engage in a virtual conversation with us for a customized approach.
  • After we receive your order, we’ll start our processes. We’ll update your impact dashboard and send you the invoice. Once your trees are paid for, we order them with our local partner. Depending on the time of the year, your trees will be growing in our nurseries, getting ready to be planted or we’ll start planting your trees. Updates will appear on your impact dashboard.
  • After the planting, we start our period of maintenance. We’ll follow the saplings grow closely in the first years when they are most vulnerable to weather conditions, competing species, pests, and diseases. After 3 to 5 years, our trees are growing steadily and we can reduce the number of controls but we’ll keep an eye out for them to make sure they won’t be cut down! During the period of maintenance, we have several quality checks to make sure all the trees we’ve ordered are growing steadily.
  • Read more about it in the FAQ “Questions on the tree-planting”.

  • Our climate project experts select the best restoration projects worldwide, usually reforestation, agroforestry, or mangrove projects.
  • In Belgium and other European countries, the chosen project locations depend on the availability of privately owned land with motivated owners. Beyond the European borders, the land is usually owned by an environmental NGO or local/indigenous community.
  • Trees are needed everywhere, but we always make sure to plant the right trees, in the right regions, with the right people, and using the right methods.
  • The duration of maintenance and monitoring period differs from project location to project location. In temperate regions, we usually maintain the trees for 10 years and guarantee monitoring and protection for 30 years. In our tropical regions, we usually maintain the trees for 5 years and execute monitoring and guarding rounds for 10 years.
  • Of course we do everything we can to ensure forest health, protection, and survival beyond these fixed periods.
  • All of our projects are thoroughly screened. As a part of the selection process, we check which accountability mechanisms are in place locally to guarantee that each tree is planted and well maintained.
  • During and after planting, the projects are followed up on a regular basis by the Go Forest team and a team of freelancers who are active in many countries throughout the world. We check our own projects through satellite imagery and schedule regular visits to our projects during which we randomly select plots for tree counting and follow-up.
  • Every project is mapped on our impact platform, where the general public can track the growth of the forests, retrieve the exact location of the project, and follow up on the progress measured on the field.
  • Still in doubt? Go there and check for yourself!

  • No, Go Forest is a social enterprise, a company that operates with the primary goal of creating positive social or environmental impact. While traditional businesses focus primarily on generating profits for their shareholders or owners, social enterprises prioritise addressing social issues, improving communities, or tackling environmental challenges.
  • Success at Go Forest is measured not only by financial metrics but foremost by the number of trees we plant, the local income we create, the biodiversity we bring back, and so on.

Completely up to you! The most important thing about your tree planting initiative is honest, authentic communication. We’re thankful for every tree planted! 

If you are looking at concrete guidelines, you can plant in line with your CO2-emissions. For example, a tree in Belgium captures about 175kg of CO2 during its lifetime and a mangrove in Madagaskar about 637kg.

Another guideline you can use is our credibilitree-calculator, which calculates how credible your initiative is through the eyes of consumers. Take into account that this calculation has nothing to do with your emissions, but has been built upon the perception of consumers. 

If you can’t really decide, get in touch to explore the options with us. 

Got more questions? Take a look at our full FAQ.
If you still don’t find the answer, get in touch with our team!

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