Our green leaders

We kunnen blijven wachten op anderen om bomen te redden, te planten, het eigen gedrag te veranderen en de juiste doelen te steunen, of we kunnen zelf handelen en de controle overnemen. Laten we bomen planten met impact. Op locaties waar ze positieve effecten hebben op biodiversiteit, koolstofopslag, werkgelegenheid, levensonderhoud en lokale economie.

Deze leiders hebben zich al ingezet voor een betere en groenere toekomst.
Sluit je bij hen aan en begin nu ook jouw steentje bij te dragen.

Let's plan(t) the future together!

Wherever Ageas operates around the world it does so with an important goal in mind: to provide customers with peace of mind when they need it most. As an insurer and “Supporter of your life” their role is to help customers at every stage of their life to mitigate risks related to property, casualty, life and pensions. Ageas’ employees can register their movement in the Energy Lab platform and by moving, they plant trees.
Neuhaus is a Belgian chocolatier that manufactures and sells luxury chocolates, chocolate truffles, biscuits and ice cream. When selecting their ingredients and packaging, Neuhaus always makes conscious choices. They strive to use these choices to contribute to a sustainable future. Together with Go Forest, Neuhaus launches The Sustainable Ballotin, a chocolate gift box with a positive impact.
La Lorraine Bakery Group is a 100% family-owned company headquartered in Belgium, with more than 80 years of experience in the milling and bakery sector. They operate from 12 state-of-the art production sites and deliver to more than 30 countries. La Lorraine supports reforestation in an area known as the lungs of Europe: the Carpathian mountains in Romania.
Welcome to ZEB, the multi-brand fashion store with stores throughout Belgium and a must-visit e-shop. With lots of enthusiasm and passion ZEB works every day to make shopping fun and make the customers happy. ZEB is the first fashion retailer that offers trees as a product in its stores to engage customers, fight climate change and contribute to a better world.
SC Packaging advises, guides and supports established companies and brands as well as start-ups with their packaging. In addition, it offers a full-service formula in which it not only takes care of the creation and production of your packaging but also sets up and fills packaging as well as storage.
Fabric, a textile printing and embroidery company, is the first and only company in Belgium to offer Gots-certified production for all production techniques. Thanks to the Gots certification, you can be sure of organic, solid and reliable textiles: from cotton harvest and environmentally-friendly and socially responsible production to printing.
Regarding their architecture projects, the architects consider it their mission to start from a responsible approach that has a positive impact for each individual and for the community. They wish to contribute pragmatically to a sustainable environment in all its aspects such as identity, positive social impact and circular perspectives resonate in angles taken and projects developed.
Dinner On The Lake is a floating haven of relaxation where you can enjoy delicious dining in a completely unique setting. The team is ready to provide its clients with a holiday feeling on the water. Dinner On The Lake plants trees in the Peruvian Amazon.
buro project
Buro Project creates smart working environments that exude sustainability and increase the well-being of the environment. For example, for every ergonomic office chair sold, they plant a tree for their customers. In addition to their “One chair, one tree” initiative, they also achieved the carbon neutral label as a company (via CO2logic).
According to their Close-Sourcing concept, Tobania engages well-trained consultants, within the same time zone, at an easily accessible location. Tobians are all passionate specialists with a love for their field of expertise and the corresponding technology. Tobania thinks it’s time to give something back to nature. Tobania planted trees for their employees to show its commitment. Where? In Wardin (Bastogne, Belgium)
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