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Finixa Case

Chemicar is a Belgium based company that designs and develops high-quality, non-paint products (consumables and equipment) for the professional body shop, under the brand name Finixa. The aim is to make repairs more durable, simplify the repair process through improved technology, and make the products more and more environmentally friendly. But what does a company like Finixa have to do with tree planting?

The Finixa Forest

Finixa goes futher than just creating great paint processing products, they are also serious about their sustainability journey. What are they doing to lower their footprint?

  • Developing ecologically responsible products
  • Using green energy
  • Stimulating employees to use green commuting
  • Having a waste management system in their production process
  • Switching from printed to digital catalogues
  • Compensating their building emissions


After all these internal changes, Finixa will now plant a total of 2500 trees. 500 of those will be planted in Belgium and the other 2000 in Madagascar. By planting in these to countries, Finixa will help 10 of the 17 SDGs.

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