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Revive is known for a continuous focus on sustainability, to transform old, industrial sites into green and vibrant neighbourhoods. Next to our core activites, we embed sustainability in our whole organization. This way, we’ve also calculated our carbon footprint and make it a top priority to decline our emissions. Aditionally, through sustainable partnerships, we also aim to take responsibility for our emissions. 

In this light, we have set up a partnership with Go Forest, an organization that plants trees worldwide. This way, carbon is captured and a broad scope of environmental and social impact is made. With a focus on biodiversity, healthy forest management, education and job creation for local communities, together we aim to create a greener future together.

Via speaking opportunities for Revivers, we donate our fees 100% to Go Forest. At the moment we are saving for planting trees in Portugal, as we want to celebrate our first project we will develop in Portugal.

Let’s plant trees together with impact! 

Let's plant 🌱

  • Tree in Portugal