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Climate song

The idea behind the climate song

The Gran Chaco, spread throughout Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and a segment of Brazil, is Latin America’s second-largest natural expanse, covering approximately 1.1 million square kilometers. This ecologically rich region, with its diverse and unique flora and fauna, struggles with the reality of widespread deforestation and other environmental challenges. This not only imperils the Chaco’s unique ecosystems but also poses challenges to the vibrant indigenous communities deeply rooted in this landscape.

In response to these environmental and social challenges, Go Forest collaborates with Alianza Wichi to support reforestation and agroforestry efforts. Beyond its pivotal role in biodiversity restoration and climate change mitigation, this initiative creates immense social value. By co-designing reforestation projects with indigenous communities, we create a holistic approach to empower local communities, generating revenues, supporting with direct and indirect sustainable food production, bringing legal support to protect the land and collaborate to strenghten the social links of indigenous communities.

By purchasing a tree in this project, you are both supporting environmental conservation and the socioeconomic well-being of indigenous populations, focused on creating a sustainable future for the Gran Chaco and its diverse inhabitants.

We donate the proceeds from our climate song generated through the streaming platforms to this project, but this page is there to give the project an extra push.  We hope that our climate song brings more awareness around climate issues and that there will be a lot of dancing for the planet. Our mother earth deserves the very best. 

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