About us

Go Forest is a CO2logic partner and wants to inspire and motivate both individuals and companies to not only think, but act future-oriented.



By planting trees in the regions where they are needed the most and where they have the greatest impact. Go Forest executes projects regarding reforestation and agroforestry. That is how Go Forest wants to reforest deforested areas, with attention to the right tree species in the right place, to support local populations in their livelihood and create extra jobs.

Next to planting trees, Go Forest also supports projects that prevent tree clearing and we work towards the adaptation of regenerative agriculture in Belgium and France.

Go Forest projects are situated in Peru (Amazon), Congo, Armenia and Belgium.


With its own application, Go Forest aims to map the impacts of the planted trees. The database in which the photos of all the trees are stored is encoded in blockchain. Indelible, and very difficult to copy or manipulate. Each tree has a unique ID and unique GPS coordinates. None of the trees planted by Go Forest, anywhere in the world, is assigned to more than one company or one person. Through personal access, companies can see the trees and assign them to employees or customers. Companies know exactly how much impact their trees are making.


By helping companies to do sustainable business and help them build a better world.


By inspiring and motivating so that the root cause of soil and deforestation problems are handled. Tree planting can not be an excuse to make up for other behaviors.

Our team

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I myself am not a per­fect gree­n­ie, but that is just the mes­sa­ge I want to spread. If eve­ry­o­ne picks up some litt­le chan­ges in his or her beha­vi­or and gives some­thing back to natu­re, the world will be a much bet­ter and gree­ner pla­ce. I want to inspi­re entre­pre­neurs to adopt and apply this idea.

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Sarah Parent
Co-foun­der – CEO
(Chief Eco­lo­gi­cal Officer)

+32 472 34 84 33

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I always feel power­less when I see how natu­re is dest­roy­ed. I star­ted to live more con­scious­ly but always felt that I could not have enough impact. Hel­ping to rea­li­se this with Go Forest and brin­ging other peo­p­le into our sto­ry is a fan­tas­tic next step towards a gree­ner planet!


+32 472 38 98 04



As a child, I wan­ted to make this world a bet­ter pla­ce. So, when 10 years after gra­du­a­ti­on, you pick up on sig­nals that it’s about to go wrong with our envi­ron­ment and don’t feel like any­o­ne is doing some­thing about it, it all comes back flo­a­ting on the surfa­ce. Why not do some­thing ourselves?

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Xavier Goet­hals
Co-Foun­der – CMO
(Chief of Mar­ke­ting & Strategy)

+ 32 473 28 02 11



The gre­a­test moti­va­ti­on to found CO2logic 15 years ago, was to have a posi­ti­ve impact on the pla­net, by redu­cing CO2 emis­si­ons as much as pos­si­ble and at the same time cre­a­te socio-eco­no­mic bene­fits for peo­p­le as well as the planet.

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Antoi­ne Geer­in­ckx
Co-foun­der – CIO
(Chief Impact Officer)

+32 478 41 30 07