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Gent 10 Mijl case

The Ghent 10 Mile is an annual running event that focuses on running and togetherness. Participants can choose between 5 or 10 miles and run through the beautiful historic center of Ghent. The passionate drivers of the event are Elise and Bart, an ambitious couple with a big heart for the beautiful city.

Running events are great gatherings, but also goals that people work toward individually as well as in groups. For example, many companies also participate in the event and run throughout the year with colleagues or clients in preparation for the BIG DAY.

The big day will take place this year on 15th of September with the Topsporthal as the starting and finishing point. Besides the run itself, you can find several tents with information and entertainment and the event ends with performances (after party).

This year we, as Go Forest, are partners of Ghent 10 miles and together we have set up the ‘Negenduust voor negenduust’ campaign with the aim of planting at least 9000 trees in Belgium and Madagascar. And so human health goes hand in hand with the health of the planet.

Several well-known people from Ghent (or people with an important link to Ghent) will appear on our channels with fascinating cases in the run-up to the event. You will be inspired by why they participate, why they find nature so important and why sports is an important part of their lives. Ambassadors for Ghent, for Ghent 10 miles, for nature and for health.

Do you feel drawn? And:

  • Would you like to run with us? Then sign up here as an individual or as a company.
  • Do you want more info as a company about how you can create visibility with us at this wonderful event where 7000 people participate? Then surf to this link.
  • Are you contributing to the Negenduust-forest? Then go to the donation page through this link. We are happy to include you in our communications & are grateful for every tree (because every tree counts).


Let’s run for the planet!