Learn about tree planting in The Netherlands

In this video we talk to the landowner of a Go Forest reforestation project in Markelo, The Netherlands. This video tells you more about tree-planting in The Netherlands but also in almost all European countries. Underneath the video you can find t(h)ree facts about our local tree planting initiatives.

🙏 Thank you for sharing your insights and passion with us, Carl.

T(h)ree facts about our local tree planting initiatives:

  • Fact 1: Most of our local projects focus on reforestation, where we help damaged forests recover. By planting new trees and nurturing the land, we aim to heal and revive these forests.
  • Fact 2: We team up with private landowners who want to restore their forests but need financial help and know-how. Together, we support them in transforming their land into a resilient, healthy forest again.
  • Fact 3: Climate change doesn’t just affect faraway tropical forests; it impacts our local forests too. We’re witnessing changes due to shifting climates, and our efforts in tree planting and conservation aim to protect our environment from these effects too.

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Learn about tree planting in The Netherlands

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