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We plant trees in Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the most special countries in terms of biodiversity. The country has developed its own ecosystem and magnificent wildlife since it split from the African continent about 160 million years ago.

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Agroforestry and mangroves


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Approximately 95% of Madagascar reptiles, 89% of its plant life and 92% of its mammals exist nowhere else on Earth.

Madagascar has faced many challenges in the past few decades and the country is still in a critical position. 77.4% of the Malagasy population lives under the poverty line and 87% of the Malagasy population has problems with accessing electricity. Only 30% of the Malagasy population has access to drinking water. In 2021, the UN declared the Madagascar Famine to be the first famine 100% attributable to climate change. Only 10% of the primary forest remains intact. 

With the social enterprise Bôndy, we believe that to effectively reforest Madagascar, we must first analyze and address the root causes of deforestation.  

Undeniably, the main cause of deforestation in Madagascar is human activity. The rural populations are following cultural traditions passed from generation to generation. However, these traditions have been proven to be harmful in the long term. Our model consists of trying to change those habits by educating the communities. By raising environmental awareness and offering people jobs, we can make a major change.

Agroforestry and Mangrove planting in Andramasina, Akamasoa, Tamatave & Majunga

Planting a tree isn’t complicated. However, growing a tree is a complex process that requires concrete action to be effective over the long term.


We have developed a model where we plant highvalue species on farmer lands that will bring economic and environmental benefits for the local populations. Field engineers provide training on new agricultural approaches that are cost-effective and sustainable. In doing so, we also create a substitute to the remaining primary forests and thereby protect the country’s national treasure.  


We also plant mangroves to tackle different challenges and to contribute to our mission of greening Madagascar. This project will help a village of climatic migrants to have a more sustainable source of revenue. Madagascar is home to 2% of the world‘s mangroves, but the rate of deforestation is terrifying. 

One of the trees we plant is the Mangrove tree

Care for communities​

At Go Forest, we don’t just plant trees. We engage in much more, such as ensuring sustainable support for local communities. We do so by using the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which serve as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. Depending on the region and the project, you’ll be supporting different SDGs. Our project in Madagascar focuses on the following SDGs: 

Visit Madagascar with us!

A project can only be fully discovered and known after actually visiting it. That is why in April of 2022, Sarah visited our project in Madagascar.

Want to go on a trip with us throughout the different planting sites and nurseries in Madagascar? This video got you covered.

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Let's plan(t) the future together.

Forests are an important player in the fight against global warming. A large portion of all the CO2 in the atmosphere is absorbed by the forests and stored in the form of organic carbon in the wood and soil. 

Unfortunately, deforestation and land use change also contribute 17% to the greenhouse effect. One of the most important and simplest ways to counteract global warming is to create greater biodiversity by planting forests. This is exactly what we at Go Forest, in partnership with various companies, are doing. 



tree species are planted



tree species are planted



different European countries

Our projects

We don’t only plant your trees, we take care of them as well. 


This project focuses on restoring forests in the Magamba Nature Forest Reserve that were burnt down in the past. The planting, maintenance, and monitoring are done by the local communities.


This project does not only address biodiversity challenges, but also social issues, by creating the conditions allowing indigenous communities to thrive, while recovering biodiversity.


We execute reforestation projects on sites in Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic, United Kingdom…. Projects in other European countries can be requested.


Madagascar’s biodiversity is a very special one. The country has developed its own ecosystem and magnificent wildlife since it split from the African continent 160 million years ago.


Thousands of hectares of forests are disappearing in Belgium. We make our rural territories resilient again by executing reforestation projects all over the country! Support sustainable agriculture and forestry in Belgium.


In Armenia, reforestation projects fight desertification, combat soil erosion, preserve the water and empower local communities, creating jobs and increasing their income.


Our partner in Faja Lobi is working on an integrated project of reforestation & sustainable development to face the challenges of a changing climate and social inequality.  


Protect and regenerate the biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon. With our reforestation partner Camino Verde, it is our mission to restore the forest landscapes by strengthening communities.

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