Calculate the carbon storage of your forest restoration project

Accurate carbon measurement of reforestation initiatives can be quite difficult. Carbon storage depends on many factors such as tree species, climate, biodiversity, and more. That’s why we have partnered with Genvision, a company that specializes in accurately measuring, projecting, and visualizing carbon stored by forests. Through this collaboration, Go Forest members can have a science-based estimate, and later calculation, of the carbon stored by their tree planting project.

Genvision’s technology

Instead of manually calculating the carbon storage of every tree planted, Genvision works with progressive technologies based on high resolution satellite imagery.

By stitching together satellite images of trees from different angles, Genvision creates digital twins – or digital 3D models – of every tree in a forest. These digital twins can be looked at and analyzed and then used to predict how trees in a forest are going to change and evolve.

With the latest AI technology, it is also possible to easily recognize the tree species and simulate how these tree species will grow in 3D, until it matches with the reality perfectly.

Carbon storage

Simulating forest growth in this way, brings about a broad scope of new opportunities. One of these opportunities is accurate measurement of carbon storage per tree. We can not only do this for the current year, but also for the previous and the following years.

Your reforestation project

Genvision can project and calculate the carbon storage of your reforestation project. First, an initial simulation will predict what the total carbon storage will be. Secondly, the simulation will become more accurate year after year after planting.

Get your carbon simulation

Do you want more information about the practical steps to be taken and pricing? Contact us.

An example of a carbon sequestration simulation of a reforestation project in Belgium:

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