Our Impact Platform 2.0 is live!

At the start of 2023, we were dreaming about a Go Family impact platform that would be able to show the positive impact made in our projects.

Every project would be completely unfolded and explained with the necessary pictures, news updates and geolocations. On top of that, the platform would specifically show our members’ impact. Whether our members reduced their emissions, gave back to nature, or set up an awareness campaign, it would all be showcased and followed up in one location: their impact dashboard.

And so it happened. The first version was launched during a successful launch event in August 2023 and Go Forest and Go Ocean members enjoyed using the platform from day one.

The main benefits of the new platform were that you can view every project via a project page and every member’s specific positive impact via their partner page. All these pages are interlinked and updated regularly with data, pictures, and news updates. Because the platform is publicly available, the information can be easily used in ESG or CSR reports and shared with any stakeholders

After multiple evaluations and feedback rounds, we decided in January 2024 that an impact platform 2.0 was definitely welcome.

So, we developed a second version and launched it in March 2024!

The new features?

  • A new homepage
  • More customizable impact dashboards
  • More impact data and data insights
  • Downloadable project photos
  • News update notifications specifically about your project
  • Better traceability throughout the platform

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