Greetings from Peru!

At this moment, one of our founders, Sarah is in Peru visiting for the first time our reforestation & agroforestry project in Madre de Dios. She has only been there a couple of days, but the experience is already amazing. Let her take us on this journey!

Peru is gorgeous

Pictures cannot capture the beauty, but let me try! We are experiencing a tropical heat of 30°C degrees during the day, and below 10°C degrees at night. And many mosquitos? That’s actually pretty ok!

While hiking through our project, the biodiversity is impressive. Small, large, wide, young and old. All kind of trees and plants are present. The benefits are enormous. Animals, humans, all use the trees for food, and sometimes even medication. Our cabins are built from dead or fallen trees. Everything is simply used. So impressive!

Our project is regenerative, meaning to bring back the Amazonian forest to its origin. Which is needed, now! I already experienced massive zones of forest being cut down, burned, destroyed, all for agriculture and livestock. It is heartbreaking to see…

But change is motion…When I speak with local farmers, they are actually very happy with the reforestation! The trees provide them with lots of benefits for their own lives, and making them more money compared to livestock! Awareness and sensibilization actually changed their behavior! That’s what we aim for with Go Forest, to make an impact. Not only for the planet, but also for communities throughout the world.

Planting trees in your honor

We believe companies need to act future oriented. Together, we can all have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world. It’s the decade of action, so we all must act now! Not once, but continuously.

Our Amazon Regeneration program makes reforestation tangible. We want to share what we do, so others find their own inspiration to spread sustainable ways of life and catalyze fair, regenerative development. Our farmers are part of a growing supply chain implementing strategies to restore the Amazon while improving livelihoods for families and communities.

Next to Peru, we have projects in Armenia, Uganda and even Belgium. So let’s start planting some (more) trees!

Sarah will be staying in Peru until the end of July so make sure to keep an eye out for more wonderful pictures and updates via our social media channels!

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